Monday, March 6, 2017

Plastic bag challenge

I've been working on a small personal challenge to reduce the amount of plastic bags that come into my home. And so far it's been pretty successful.

I have tons of plastic bags. And I use them too. They're used to throw the trash out, package up potential messy food and drinks when traveling, and many other conveniences.  Maybe someday I could drop them as well, but for now I walk around with reusable fabric bags (which I have tons) and even plastic grocery bags too for the potentially messy purchase of food or drinks. 

So far it's been going pretty good. Supermarket cashiers and fruit vendors are somewhat taken aback when I tell them no bad or to reuse my bag that I returned at item in. However, while I may have to mention it once or twice while I'm paying, they easily adapt and either put my belongings in my provided bag or wait for me to do it.

As my not-so-environmentally friendly dh would say, just throw the excess bags in the trash.  But, that's just not my way.  Plus, I've even reduced getting receipts when I'm sure I won't return the item or need the reference such as ATM receipts, food purchases and much more.

Check out my stash 'O bags..

Here too.  (It was my tipping point when I realized I needed to do something!). Since starting this challenge I've been able to combine bag piles and place them under my sink.  The huge garbage bag below is now holding costumes. ;)

Friday, March 3, 2017

OMG! A 400 year shelf life!!!

Don't judge. I just bought Keebler Coconut Dreams cookies at my favorite reputable but inexpensive discount store.

I start munching down the (delicious) cookies.  (Tastes a lot like one of the varieties of Girl Scout cookies I like.) Anyhoo, I noticed that the peelie coupon on the package expired 12-31-2016. I didn't need the coupon but it tells me that this product has already been on the shelf for quite a while.  However, the real eye opener is the expiration date.  Drum roll please...May 2417. Hello, that's in over 400 years!!!! O - M - G !!!!!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Wierd things i saw...

While walking around Chinatown, I spied beautifully pealed whole pineapples. Hmmm.

Thursday, January 5, 2017